Why does hypnobirthing work

You are pregnant or thinking about it but this thought keeps popping up in your mind. Will I be able to handle the pain? As a woman I say YES, you will, I have done it and enjoyed the process. As a Doula I will say DEFINITELY and then explain where pain comes from and how you can manage it, naturally or otherwise if needed. Pain is a complex sensation. It happens, in your body, as a "notice" for you to take action to keep you safe and healthy. But how you perceive it will greatly affect how it manifests for you. Specially in birth. What do I mean? Your thoughts and reactions are connected. Think of your favorite food and imagine yourself biting into it. What happened? You probably salivated

Does the birthing room influence how I birth? ABSOLUTELY!

Many of the women I come across think a hospital room is the place where people are supposed to birth. In reality a woman will give birth anywhere if it is time. So why do we hear of so many really long labours in western cultures. Lets see. As a doula I am privy to many kinds of birth in many different settings and what I have observed is that those who feel safe and have created some sort of familiar comfort around them are better able to "let" birth happen. And in general, its doesnt take that long. Maybe 3 or 4 hours of active labour ( the kind you have to concentrate for). For many women, home is the obvious choice . Especially if they are fearful in hospitals. Her home is her terr

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