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Why should I write a birth plan?

A birth plan is first and foremost a communication tool.

Some parents and even some medical staff, mistake the birth plan for a birth menu or "contract". This can lead to disappointment and a sense of mistrust.

In reality it is a tool that allows you to :

- Get to know and understand how you feel about the different choices surrounding your birth

- Communicate with medical staff and choose your Best birth team and birth place.

- On the day of your birth it reminds everyone of your preferences and they will do their best to give you your best birth.

Of course no one can guarantee any particular outcome but a birth plan is the first step in making the birth you dream of possible.

Where do I start ? I suggest you do some research before you start. "Uncle google" can be a great resource to see many kinds of birth plans. Pintrest holds great templates as well. Some pregnancy apps have birth plan options worth looking in to.

You can also visit your local hospitals, clinics and maison de naissance. Maybe even attend their birth preparation classes. You will then hear all about their particular practices. They may have some interesting resources for you, as well.

If you want to save some time, or you want some extra guidance. contact a doula or an independent midwife. They have the best overview of your true choices in the area. They understand the different philosophies and approaches to birth.

Don't worry if you keep changing your mind. This is normal. Hormones and mother brain and an acute instinct are the reason. As you get closer to your dates things will become clearer and you get to adjust your choices until the day of the birth, as long as you have opened the appropriate doors.

if¨ you are thinking about birthing at a maison de naissance I do suggest you take the necessary steps early on, to make sure you have the option open . Hospitals usually don't turn you away should you choose them last minute. Your home is always open but you should have a midwife to attend you, so get to know the midwives in your area. Postpartum midwife visits are part of maternity care here in Switzerland so knowing your midwife is a good idea. Specially if you, opr your baby decide a home birth ifd for you.

If you want to read more about your options here in switzerland you can visit

You can also contact me for Birth Plan coaching

Happy birthing!


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