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"Doulaing" for Dads

2020 has been a crazy year. But even though it has been a year fraught with difficulties and challenges it has been a year of introspection and creativity. Amidst all that, babies are still arriving and parents are still becoming parents. Talk about challenges!

In the best of circumstances becoming a parent is one of the most significant transitions in anyone's life, and COVID has disrupted everything about it. Family is in lock down as well. It is difficult to get together with friends; Hospital and midwife visits are so differents with sanitary restrictions. It is hard for Dads to "be there" when there are protocols that prevent mom from bringing a companion to her visits. A Doula presence and work has also been affected. And there is a level of stress that we all share.

A few months of this "new era" and we are bracing for another few weeks( let's hope it is only weeks) of some form of lock-down here in Switzerland. So now what? As a doula would advise you in labor, receive the sensations, and make them work. Let go and adapt.

How? In many situations, dads will be the only support mom will be able to get. Both at home and at the hospital. The staff is facing challenges and restrictions and they will be as available as possible. But Dad's help takes on a new importance now. So a prepared dad will be able to facilitate and be a more active participant of birth. He will be able to enjoy his experience.

My doula work has also transformed. My presence in labour is now dependant of each hospital's COVID protocols that keep adapting to the situation. A good number of my usual visits happen by video conference and, since there is a good chance I will only be able to be present by video at the birth, I have focused my attention to preparing Dad to facilitate physiology. This inspired me to create a 2 hour guide class as well as a printable booklet for those Dads or partners who who want to have more tools to help mom.

In my 2 hour class we talk about how to facilitate Team Communication with medical personnel; How to create an environment that promotes physiology; how to keep mom comfortable, and what positions and movements to suggest to help baby's descent.

For my usual full doula service clients, this is included.

In addition to

  • preparing a birth plan,

  • on call 24/7 from week 38

  • availability throughout the birth either physically ( usually only home or maison de naissance birth) or virtually

  • postpartum debriefing and support.

Doula teams around the country have also offered hotlines to listen and support couples through the emotional turmoil the current situation has brought on. Myself included.

We are all doing our best creating solutions and we hope this will enable many parents to look back on their birth with some extra pride and love.

A few words for the amazing work Midwives are doing both in the hospital or at home. They are constantly putting themselves "at risk" to be able to protect physiology. They are true guardians of the ancient female knowledge and ability to birth. They are overworked and of course they are also living through the challenges in their personal lives with COVID. They are amazing people and deserve recognition and thanks.

So If you know anyone who could benefit from having the "Doulaing" for Dads guide or class please share this with them.

You can get the guide in the following link

Book a class

Happy Halloween and good health!


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