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What does a Maison de naissance offer?

Giving birth in a Maison de naissance is one of your legal, insurance approved, options to give birth in Switzerland. If you want to have a great chance of having unmedicated, safe and mostly undisturbed birth but you are not comfortable staying at home, a birth center or Maison de Naissance is a great option. Parents that choose this, typically want a more bespoke experience. They trust the process and are willing to go the extra mile to get a homelike family-centered experience. They may have a complicated relationship with the way some hospital protocols render the experience impersonal and procedural. Reasons vary a lot. But most come out of the experience empowered and delighted.

In the Geneva-Lausanne area we have quite a few options. You should be aware that there are a

differences depending on the setting you choose.

A good question to ask yourself before choosing a particular Maison de Naissance is: What do you prefer?

- You want your midwife in charge your pregnancy care, as well as attend your birth. (La grange rouge)

- You want to have Your midwife in charge of prenatal and postnatal care and the midwife on call in charge of your birth. (La roseraie)

The answer to this question is your first clue. The care you will get greatly depends on the place you choose.

You are building the road to the experience you would prefer to have. Birth is always a surprise and no matter the choice you make, one thing is clear. Nothing is guaranteed. If a complication arises or birth is taking unusually long the midwives will transfer to the hospital. Your plans may spin on themselves in a minute. But you should also consider that going for your dreams gets you considerably closer to them and there is a good chance you will get your dream birth or better yet discover something awesome .

Go visit the places, see how you feel, learn, ask , talk about it with your partner; read, integrate, embody, maybe change your mind;adjust and in the end follow your gut. It is all part of the process, the complex and wonderful experience of becoming a parent .

Maison de naissance association (Switzerland) :


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