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Birth Your Way



I love witnessing women like you, experience all the hidden surprises that giving birth on your own terms bring. I am fully aware of how support and guidance can help you know where and how to invest your energies so you can fully enjoy the experience of welcoming your little one .

My Story

Why I love being a doula

I became a doula after giving birth to my second child.  Having experienced a c-section and an empowering VBAC at a Maison de Naissance, I knew I had to do my best to enable couples to have Their Best Birth. I became the first doula in suisse romande in 2003. I have had an amazing journey both supporting parents and training doulas ever since.


I am also the founder and director of and the Formation Doula Suisse

call Or text me 

+41 79 478 5994

For you I can...

I can guide you in your journey to Birth Your Way.
Online or in Person

 II have been honoured to support hundreds of families since 2003 in hospital, maison de naissance, private clinics or at home. Doulas like me, get to see many ways of  giving birth we know how birth happens in different ways according to the place and Team. 

I can help you figure out what is the right choice for you.  

I can be your doula and support you through out your journey, Online and/or in person, if you live in the Geneva-Lausanne area.   If you just want a bit of guidance we can have 1 or 2 Birth Plan Coaching Session.  I also offer online/ in person hypnobirthing sessions and Prenatal and Postnatal support.

Start YOUR journey now.

Introduction to Childbirth in Switzerland -

You are pregnant! What next? I can help you navigate Childbirth in Switzerland


Where will I birth? How to chose my birth team? I can help you answer these questions.  I will give you an overview of your options in the area so you can choose well and have Your Best Birth."If you don't know your choices, you don't have any.”

Laptop & Coffee

Birth Plan Coaching


I will help you write an

effective Birth Plan


From our initial meeting all the way through your pregnancy and delivery, I take the time to get to know you, your concerns and your needs. I’m always available to contact by phone/email throughout and will provide everything you require to make sure your experience is as calm and positive as possible.


You had a difficult birth? 

Let's talk about it!

I can help you work through your experience.

Online on in Person

From the comfort of your home, wherever you are in the world. Through one or several calls we will work through your experience and figure out how to make peace with your experience.

Holding Hands

Doula Mentoring

Are you new to doulaing in Switzerland?  or Do you need to debrief a birth or an experience. Call me. 

Official mentor for Doula CH


I have been a Doula since 2003 and I have been mentoring for many years. 
Depending on your needs you can book 30 min video call with me or we can meet in person.

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Full Doula Services

Support before, during and after birth.

I will support you prenatally helping you prepare for your birth 
I will be on call 24/7 as of week 38 until your birth. 
I will stay with throughout the birth
We will meet at least once after the birth  I remain available for calls or text through out.

I work with a team of Doulas to provide back-up if needed.

Different packages available. Please inquire.

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"Doulaing" for Dads

Learn doula skills to support your spouse at birth.

In a 120 min session I will give you both, skills to understand what to look for and what you can both do at birth.  Dad you will be able to to better understand your spouse's and baby.'s needs

You will learn what helps physiology and what eases baby descent.


Guide booklet included.

You can buy booklet only here 

I am a Speaker

I am also a speaker on subjects related to Doula Training, Doula Work, Favoring Physiological Labour, Supporting the Medical Team, Fostering Sisterhood vs competition etc.
Contact me

to learn more about my services 

or book online.

Words from moms I have

worked with

Some of the moms I have worked with have shared some kind words with me.

John and I are so grateful to have had Elena’s support leading up to and during the birth of our precious daughter. Elena’s deep experience and expertise as a doula really helped to provide us with the comfort and confidence we needed. We are reasonably new to living in Switzerland and I felt quite nervous about giving birth here (I had our first daughter in Australia and don’t speak French well!) - having Elena made a huge difference! Elena consistently checked in to see how we were going, providing strong reassurance, support and care and answering our questions along the way.  Elena also brought a fresh perspective for us with her knowledge and understanding of the physiological aspects of birth. This was an invaluable help during the birth - I attribute this guidance from Elena to one of the major reasons I was able to have such a positive, empowering, natural birth experience. Thank you 1,000 times over Elena - we wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone looking for a doula!


Hiring a doula quite literally changed my life. Not only was she a caring and effective agent for healing the trauma from my difficult and disappointing first birth during my  empowering and beautiful second birth, but she inspired me to become a doula in order to give that same gift to other women who want a respectful, knowledgeable, and supportive presence during childbirth.  I am forever grateful!

Shannon K.

‘Elegí a Elena porque viviendo en un país extranjero, necesitaba a alguien que me ayudara y acompañara. Ella me explicó todas las opciones y poco a poco vimos que el parto en casa era la opción que más nos gustaba. Ella me acompañó en esa noche mágica y maravillosa. Para mí ella es imprescindible, tanto, que en cuanto supe que estaba embarazada la llamé para bloquear sus fechas! La verdad, Elena se ha convertido en mi amiga, en mi familia. No hay otra mejor!


“My experience with Elena Piantino was truly more than I could have ever asked for. I highly recommend them if you too are looking for a more natural birthing experience.”



"Your focus determines your reality"

Qui-Gon Jinn

I recommend

These are the most useful tools I have found in my work as a doula so I have fostered a close relationships with Spinning Babies and Orgasmic Birth that continuously  provide great tools to help parents and providers facilitate physiological  birth. 


Parent class

Learn at your own pace  

click to buy and stream


Belly Maping

Have fun understanding your baby's position


Orgasmic Birth

Find the many possibilities in birth and how to make them happen 


Daily essentials

Exercises and life hacks for pregnancy and birth

Breech Baby Turn

Learn now to help a

breech baby turn


Find Goodies 

Great videos, books, guides, and material for parents, Doctors, midwives and Doulas

My Blog



If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

Nyon, Switzerland

+41 79 478 5994

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Member of Doula CH

The Swiss Doula Association

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